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Using Windows Fonts in Linux

Do you want to create a document using windows fonts in Linux? No problem, you can install windows fonts using one of mentioned method.

Method 1:

Copy the *.ttf (True Type Fonts) fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Courier New and Times New Roman from the windows partition to the fonts ttf directory in Linux.

You Linux font directory is located at /usr/share/fonts


You will need to put all your Windows .ttf fonts within the ttf directory. Your programs should now be able to use your new Windows fonts.

Method 2:

Click on "PCC (PCLinuxOS Control Center) in your task bar. Pcc.png

You will be asked for your password. NOTE: This is the ROOT password.


Now click on the system tab on the left side of the window.


and than click on Manage,add and remove fonts. Import Windows(TM) fonts in the right side pane.


Click on the "Get Windows Fonts"

The system will now do its magic. When it has finished close all the Windows. That’s it. Now you have access to windows fonts in all your GUI applications including Firefox and LibreOffice