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  • Relevant to all flavors of PCLinuxOS.

An introduction to getting help with PCLinuxOS.

Where to Start

If you have a problem with PCLinuxOS or an installed piece of software, there are a lot of people who are willing and able to help. You can go to the Forum and either search for previous instances of the problem, or post a fresh topic if it's not there already. The Forum is here : PCLinuxOS Forum

First things first - read the introductory pages, which will tell you what to expect :


Below the intro page links there is a section labeled Help, where you will find the main topic headings under which people post their queries and problems :


It is best to try to search within the forum for problems like yours, and only when you have exhausted that search post a new item. See the worked example of a search below.

If you need to start a new topic, use this button (on the right of the Forum category window :


and enter your question in the resulting text editing pane.

Searching : a worked example

As an example, say you have an issue with adding users not working correctly. Try searching on some appropriate terms (something like add user would be a good start). The search box is at the top of the Forum page :


Note that if you enter a search string while at the top level of the Forum, all the topics will be searched. If you want to narrow it down a bit, select one of the topics first (e.g. Laptop Hardware or Software), then do your search.

  • Search results are displayed in decreasing order of relevance.