PCLinuxOS Specific Software

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This page lists software created specifically for PCLinuxOS by the development team or community members. All can be installed using Synaptic.

Application Developer Description
lomanager Pinoc Script to install LibreOffice in one of 110 languages
getvirtualbox Pinoc Script to manage VirtualBox installation
addlocale Pinoc Script to change user locale to their language
mylivecd Tex, TerryN, ejtr MyliveCD remastering tool
mylivegtk Tara Rain Graphical User Interface for mylivecd
myliveusb Legs11 Create a live PCLinuxOS install on removable media
redo-bootloader TerryN Reset and re-install bootloader
aucode-tool TerryN Generate early microcode file for AMD CPUs
systeminfo Daniel Display information about system
lxautostart Daniel Configure apps to autostart on LXDE
lxcursor Neal, Pinoc Configure cursor theme on LXDE
lxdecc Daniel, Neal Control Centre for LXDE installation
screenie Daniel, Neal Simple screenshot utility
TouchpadToggle Parnote Turn touchpad on and off
Touchpad-solution Daniel Utility for configuring touchpad
pkgutils MBantz Helper scripts for packaging RPMs in PCLinuxOS
rpm-installer Daniel Installer for RPM packages
simple-update-notifier Upgreyed Simple Update Notifier
update-notifier maik3531, Daniel Tool to automatically check for updates
qt-update-notifer muungwana QT technology based PCLinuxOS update notifier tray application
qt-update-notifer-kf5 muungwana KDE technology based PCLinuxOS update notifier tray application
MyMencoder Daniel MyMencoder for encoding video files
MyMencoderDVD Daniel MyMencoderDVD for encoding standard DVD, SVCD, VCD, and MPEG1/2 files.
PCLinuxOS-FLV-Player Daniel Play and convert FLV & MP4 Videos
sleeptimer Daniel Sleeptimer to shutdown the computer automatically
alert_clock Daniel Alarm clock to alert you
bash_trans Daniel Translate Bash scripts