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  • Relevant to all editions PCLinuxOS.

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  • Hardware compatibility may vary with different edition / release of PCLinuxOS.
  • Please note the relevant edition / release carefully for individual hardware.

PCLinuxOS Hardware Database is the central repository of hardware compatibility information. All the hardware listed here has been organized into broad categories and then into subcategories to make it easy to locate the exact hardware you are looking for. This also allows you to generally browse the database to get an idea about overall compatibility in general.


When adding your hardware please use the following format :

  • Choose the appropriate section and page for your hardware by going through the list below.
  • Browse to see if the Manufacturer is listed. If not create a new subsection with Manufacturer name.
    • Eg. Dell, ASUS etc.
  • Enter the Equipment name in Bold.
    • Eg. Alps MGL Series with touchpad, Canon pixma ip 1980 etc.
  • Enter the PCLinuxOS version / edition.
    • Eg. 2009 KDE; 2010-10 LXDE updated; 2010-12 GNOME etc.
  • Enter any Other Comments.
    • Eg. Needs special configuration etc.
  • Enter any Known problems or issues.
    • Eg. Works very well, Scanning does not work etc.




MotherboardsMonitorsGraphic Cards

Storage media

CD and DVD devices • Hard disks • Flash memory •

Output devices

Printers • MFDs • Projectors •

Input devices

KeyboardsMice • Pointing devices •


Wired networkingWireless networking

Imaging devices

Webcams • Digital cameras • Scanners


Tv tuner cardsDigital music players

Other hardware

• Finger print readers • Card readers • Connectors • Adapters and Convertors • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) •