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Installing and Using Mailfilter

What is Mailfilter:

A program that filters your incoming e-mail to help remove spam. Mailfilter is very flexible utility for UNIX (-like) operating systems to get rid of unwanted e-mail messages, before having to go through the trouble of downloading them to the local computer. It offers support for one or many POP3 accounts and is especially useful for dialup connections via modem, ISDN, etc.

Who needs Mailfilter:

You do. With Mailfilter you can define your own filters (rules) to determine which e-mails should be delivered and which are considered waste. Rules are Regular Expressions, so you can make use of familiar options from other mail delivery programs such as e.g. procmail. If you do not get your mail from a POP3-Server you don't need Mailfilter.

How do I install Mailfilter?

Open the package manager, do a search for mailfilter, mark it for installation, and click apply to install it.

How do I configure Mailfilter:

There are a couple of files that will need to be created in your home directory.

1. The first file is the mailfilter log file. To create the mailfilter log file open a console window and type in the following command:

[dwmoar@laptop ~]$ touch mailfilterlog <press return/enter>

An alternative to using the command line is to use your favorite text editor and create a blank file. Save the file to your home directory.

Now we need to change permission of the newly created file. Type in:

[dwmoar@laptop ~]$ chmod 744 mailfilterlog <press return/enter>

An alternative to using the command line is to open Dolphin and locate your newly made file. Right click on the mailfilterlog file and choose properties --> Permissions --> Advanced Permissions. Make sure the following are marked.

       Read   Write   Execute

User X X X Group X X Others X X

2. Now we need the .mailfilterrc file. Here is a basic copy of the mailfilterrc file to use. NOTE: This file has the "TEST" flag set to true (on). The "TEST" allows you to test your filters without deleting your email should a filter be misbehaving. Think of it as a safety net while trying out your filters.

This file needs to be placed in your home directory. Save this file as ".mailfilterrc" NOTE the dot before mailfilterrc. This is a hidden file and is required for mailfilter to operate. Once you have saved this file, you will need to edit it.

In your favorite text editor open the .mailfilterrc file.

For our example; We are using nano in a console window.

[dwmoar@laptop ~]$ nano .mailfilterrc

The minimum editing needed to get Mailfilter to operate is the information for the email server, username and password. Find the following lines in your .mailfilterrc file

 SERVER   = "Your email server"  <-- usually starts with pop.domainname or mail.domainname
 USER     = "Your email username"
 PASS     = "Your email password"
 PROTOCOL = "pop3"
 PORT     = 110

Warning DO NOT change the order of the entries. If you do Mailfilter will not run.

Once you have changed the above to reflect your information. Save the .mailfilterrc file. At this point Mailfilter has enough information to run. Lets give it a spin. Open a console window and type in the following.

Don't worry we are in a testing mode and this WILL NOT change or remove any of your emails.

 [youcantoo@laptop ~]$ mailfilter  <press return/enter>

you should see something like this

[youcantoo@laptop ~]$ mailfilter
mailfilter: 0.8.2 querying <my email address> on Sun May 29 23:29:50 2011.
mailfilter: Examining 7 message(s).
mailfilter: Pass: Dianne <>: Re: changed to motorcycle fixed yet, Sun, 29 May 2011 22:47:23 -0500 [Score: 0].
mailfilter: Pass: Dianne <>: Re: a cute little game to play, Sun, 29 May 2011 22:53:32 -0500 [Score: 0].
mailfilter: Pass: diannek <>: [Recipies ~VIA~ the Web!] New Recipe Submitted!, Sun, 29 May 2011 21:37:48 -0700 [Score: 0].
mailfilter: Pass: "Kitchen Krafts" <>: Savings celebration for Memorial Day!, Mon, 30 May 2011 00:10:00 -0400 [Score: 0].
mailfilter: Pass: diannek <>: [Recipies ~VIA~ the Web!] New Recipe Submitted!, Sun, 29 May 2011 21:49:02 -0700 [Score: 0].
mailfilter: Pass: Dianne <>: Hotmail thinks you are suspicious :), Sun, 29 May 2011 23:55:08 -0500 [Score: 0].
mailfilter: Deny: Conley Erin <>: =?GB2312?B?uaTStbrN0MXPoruvsr+52NPavtmw7KGwxNq12NbQ0KHG8w==?= =?GB2312?B?0rXJz8rQyNrXytPr0MLI/bDludLFxrGovNvKtc7xstnX97jfvLbR0A==?=  

=?GB2312?B?zNaw4KGwtcTNqNaqIDYuMjSjqMTPvqmjqSA3LjExo6ixsb6po6nVxcu8?= =?GB2312?B?1LQ=?= , Mon, 30 May 2011 14:30:29 +0800 [Maxsize_Deny exceeded]. [youcantoo@laptop ~]$

If you see something like this congratulations mailfilter is working properly.

If you see any errors that you have made a mistake, go back and recheck your work. The above information should have been recorded also in your mailfilterlog file in your home directory. As you can see in the above example above, all the emails I received were approved and passed with the exception of the last one. The reason is that it exceeded the maximum message size as specified in the .mailfilterrc file. By default that size is set at MAXSIZE_DENY = 1000000. That includes attached files to the email also!

For more details of the TAGS used by default in Mailfilter open a console window and type in "man mailfilterex"

Adding filters

Adding a spam filter to Mailfilter is actually very ease. Basically there is two actions that can be taken ALLOW or DENY.

  A word of caution!

When you match any filter using DENY that email will be deleted from the server. There is NO way to recover these deleted emails. It is important to always use the TEST flag when trying out new filters. All ALLOW/DENY entries are logged, but it only logs a minimum amount of information.

The format is simple


Keyword = "expression" The expression could include any of the following, or combination of them.

   1. Content-Type:
   2. Subject
   3. Body
   4. From
   5. To
   6. Cc 


The above filter would allow any email coming from


This filter will DENY all email(s) that contains the words Monthly, Unlimited, Increase or combination of those words that also has Income in the phrase.

You can combine the "expressions" to create more complex filters such as


This filter will DENY all email(s) with the words Market, Marketing, and Income or combination of them from the domains of yahoo, hotmail, juno, excite and aol.

You can find a list of working 3rd party filters here.

Run Mailfilter using cron

Cron. It's the way to run tasks on a schedule in Unix. Say, for example, I wanted to run mailfilter once every minute of every day. Well, we think of it this way:


 minute hour day month day_of_week command_here

A quick explanation what it all means:

  The first field specifies the minute (0 to 59).
  The second field specifies the hour (0 to 23).
  The third field specifies the day of the month (1 to 31).
  The fourth field specifies the month of the year (1 to 12).
  The fifth field specifies the day of the week (0 to 6 for Sunday to Saturday).
  The sixth field specifies the command to be executed.

So, for a quick example, if I wanted something to run every night at 3 AM, I would use the following (an asterisk is the same as saying "anything").

 0 3 * * * mailfilter

Or, lets say I wanted every weekday (days 1-5) every hour at half past the hour:

 30 * * * 1-5 mailfilter

Or, every 10 minutes (which is what I use)

 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * mailfilter 

How do I set it up a cron job on my system?

Notice: For those that are console window impaired, there is currently no GUI program in the package manager to handle cron. There is how ever, a GUI program called 'VCRON', that can do the job. It requires one to install it on their machine. Be aware if you choose to do this you could run into problems now or down the road with your system. The official policy at PCLinuxOS is NOT to install packages from outside the official repositories. If you do so, you are doing it AT YOUR OWN RISK! Be warned. There is a rpm of 'VCRON' Download here

UPDATE -- Vcron and Gnome Schedule have both been added to the repository.

The following is how to setup cron from the console window.

  1. Open a console window
2. As root change directories to "/var/lib/spool/cron"
    [root@workbox dwmoar]# cd /var/lib/spool/cron  <press return/enter>
    [root@workbox cron]#
  3. Now enter the command "touch yourusername"
    [root@workbox cron]# touch <yourusername>  <press return/enter>
    [root@workbox cron]#
  This will create a file called yourusername
  4. Now we want to add our information to this newly created file. For this were are going to use the text editor called nano. Still being the root user enter the command "nano yourusername". This will open the file, you should be greeted with a blank screen. Assuming that we are going to run mailfilter ever 10 minutes we would enter the following line
  0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * mailfilter
  5. Now we want to save our file and close nano. Press the "CTRL key hold it and press X" you should see the following at the bottom of the screen.
  Save modified buffer (ANSWERING "No" WILL DESTROY CHANGES) ?
  6. You have 3 choices "Y" "N" or "C". Press "y" it does not matter if it is upper or lower case.
  7. You will now see something like this.
  File Name to Write: dwmoar  <----this should be your username
  8 At this point press return. The nano window will close and you will be returned to the command prompt. Now mailfilter will run automatically every 10 minutes.

Be sure that you check the "TEST" flag in your .mailfilterrc file. If it is set to "yes" the Mailfilter program will only simulate filtering of your email. If you are sure that your filters are working properly, than change this flag to read "Test = off"


==== I think I accidentally deleted an important e-mail with Mailfilter. Can I get it back somehow? ====

Once Mailfilter has deleted an e-mail, all you get to see of it is where it came from, what it was about and when it was sent. Have a look in your logfile (mailfilterlog) and ask the author to send it again. If that's not an option for you, you may want to ask your ISP to recover this message for you, though I doubt this would be a very successful undertaking.

If I make changes to the Mailfilter rcfile, does it affect immediately?

If you are changing Mailfilter's settings while it's active, nothing special will happen. All changes you make in the rcfile will be considered next time you run Mailfilter.

Sometimes a few (spam-) messages slip through. How come?

This is not a bug in Mailfilter. Consider this a feature of every POP e-mail server. Once you start checking for spam or downloading messages, the server locks your mail box. If new messages arrive during the locked state, they will be queued and provided for further processing after the lock has been removed. So Mailfilter does not see incoming messages while it checks for spam and sometimes it happens that a message or two arrive just in time to be too late for filtering, but in time for download. That's life.