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There are many different ways to view or get information about your machines hardware.

If you are running Windows.....

Go to Start > Accessories > System Tools > System Information. This will give you a detailed view of what you have connected. Or go into the Device Manager and all the hardware connected to your computer will be displayed.

If you are running Linux

especially PCLinuxOS it is super simple. I will list the two most popular ways. Both are graphical for those of us that are CLI challenged.

The first program is called hardinfo and can be found in the Synaptic package manager. Once installed it can be found in the pc menu --> More Applications --> Configuration


Clicking on any category in the left hand pane, will show the results in the right hand pane.



You can also see just how well your machine fairs using one or more of the available benchmarks.


The hardinfo program is fast and easy to use, and it can supply you with lots of information.


The other GUI program is found in our own PCC (PCLinuxOS Control Center).

To open the PCC click on this icon Pcc.png normally found in the kicker bar at the bottom of your screen. When PCC opens, click on "Hardware" located on the left side of the window . Then in the right hand pane click on “Browse and configure hardware” . It will take a few moments to load, as it has to look at all your hardware.


In the left hand pane click on the area you want to view. The information will then be displayed in the right hand pane.



Both PCC and hardinfo programs can tell you a lot about your machines insides. hardinfo program provides a more complete view of your overall system.