Backup your 'just right' PCLinuxOS

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You can backup your data by any of the following methods:

1. Copying files to a CD (via K3B) or USB Drive

2. Backup your HDD and all it’s operating systems with Norton Ghost, True Image, Partimage, Clonezilla or similar tools/programs.

3. Intermediate backup, save your personal files and the settings you have made to your desktop, located inside your /home folder and not back up your OS, since reinstalling PCLinux is a fast & easy task.

4. Use Remasterme - the process of taking a 'snapshot' of your system, producing an image .iso that you can burn to disk. Has all your / (root ) and /home data, but you would usually exclude the ‘/data partition’ as it could exceed the limits on remaster .iso size.

5. Use one of the many backup utilities in the repository. You might want to look for LuckyBackup, Kbackup, Fwbackups, or Drakbackup. The latter is only accessible if you have the "special" section of the repository available and will add "Backups" under the "Administration tools" section under "System" in the PCLinuxOS Control Center.

6. Create a backup/image of the entire installation with Acronis TrueImage Home via Windows (dual boot PC) and use it to reinstall. You can also make a "Bootable" Acronis disk. Instructions are on the Acronis Install disk, “works well”. Handy to backup/image to an external USB Drive.

7. Use ISOMaster available in the repos to backup "/data" partition to an external USB HDD, leaving just have two ISO files; one that the remaster makes and the other containing personal data that ISOMaster makes.

Note: Ensure / (root drive) is at least 10GB, swap twice the amount of RAM (2GB if remastering), /home 10-15GB. You can erase/delete the data on any partition, without having any effect on another partition. A /home partition is similar to having My Documents on a different partition on Win XP.

Hopefully helpful