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  • Relevant to all editions PCLinuxOS.

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A brief introduction to getting PCLinuxOS using the Bittorrent protocol.


BitTorrent provides a fast way of downloading large files by sharing bandwidth. As an added bonus, it automatically detects if your download is completely successful and corrects any errors it finds. Normal downloads (via the Web or FTP) are not automatically checked.

To start downloading the CD via BitTorrent, you can go directly to Linuxtracker.org. Please be advised that some of the links on these sites will no longer be valid, as all versions previous to versions available on official PCLinuxOS download page will no longer be actively supported by Texstar and his team.

Are you new to BitTorrent? Here is a good beginners guide.


  • You don't have to check your download after downloading.
  • BitTorrent can continue from a broken download (i.e., resume where it left off).
  • Allows slower or intermittent downloads (such as users on dial-up) to do it over many days, or even weeks.
  • You help take away the cost of providing download mirrors.


  • You have to configure your firewall to work properly.
  • Download speeds are sometimes slower than downloading from the mirrors.